​​Introduction to Tribal BellyDance

Fridays  5:30-6:30 pm  No class June 29

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, All shapes and sizes

must pre-register 

Dance Arts Studio 2820 S MacArthur Blvd. Spfld. IL

$12 per class

4 class punch card available $43

contact Therese 217.341.7664 to reserve your spot!

​Tribal Group Improv performance classes every Monday 7:30-8:30pm 

Class / Seminar offerings

BlackSheep BellyDance/ Tribal Group ImprovLevels 1,2 &3

Level 1- Introduction to Tribal Group Improvisation.  A core vocabulary of movements that allow us to dance as one unit

Level 2- A large variety of movements, combinations and formations for the intermediate dancer

Level 3- Professional level stage presentation, floor work, balancing work and much more.

Specialty classes

Choreographies. Oriental- There are several to choose from, Saiidi, Drum Solos, veil etc

                               Fusion- Sword, Tribal Fusion, Folkloric, Cane

Smooth transitions from Right to Left side of body- This is a great fun as we have to dance, dance, dance it out by working from one side to the other and back!

Zills,  Zills patterns & Techniques are used and changed throughout the format. 337, 31313, 3515 etc.  Loads of fun

Veil work for a beautiful "show".  Colorful silk floats and swirls around as you dance.  This is a great workout with visual beauty.

Oriental Style (Classic Belly dance) classes designed to develop your own dance.  Steps and combos with a variety of options to choose from to make it your own. Including choreographies

Silk Dyeing in the summer (or at your house). We gather to dye silks and enjoy our creations as they blow in the breeze to dry. Wine optional ;)

Sword balancing is always a delight to watch.  The use of real Scimitars balanced on our heads, hips, shoulders etc. takes concentration and practice. It's so exciting!!

Cane / Assaya

Marsailles, France  2013

Taping of BSBD Instructional videos