Brandi Lewis- Kasper

Daughters of The Dance have found community, support and well being while studying dance.  We perform regularly however that is not our main goal. We make Monday nights SO much FUN!!

 I began belly dancing in 2007. I was looking for a way to exercise while still having fun, and a friend had invited me to join her "bellyrobics" class. I instantly fell in love with the art form and, aside from a brief hiatus due to health reasons, haven't left since. I've been dancing with Daughters of the Dance since it's conception, have performed many times locally, taken classes with some amazing instructors, and in addition to working towards furthering our troupe goals, I am also working towards becoming a solo artist under the Dance name Allegra.

Certified BlackSheep BellyDance Instructors Dance Arts Studio 2820 S MacArthur Blvd. Springfield Illinois

Therese Wyatt 217/341-7664

Brandi Lewis

Theresa Zoelzer

~~ Therese retired from teaching SCUBA after 15 years as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 7 specialties and started studying Oriental style belly dance. 9 years later she started teaching again, Belly Dance this time. It's difficult here in the Midwest so she travels to find the teachers. "My first seminar was 2 days of Hadia. Then I was hooked and went to EVERYTHING I could afford and could find- Virginia, Yousry and Nourhan Sharif, Vashti, Suhaila, Amel Tafsout, Karim Nagi, Kay Hardy Campbell, Rachel Brice, Kami Little, Laurel Victoria, Artemis Mourat, Daveed Korup, Raquy Danzinger, Tempest, Amy Sigil, Lee Ali and I'm sure I'm missing a couple. When I found ATS, I looked into 3 different formats by buying and studying their dvd's,  I settled on Kajira Djoumahna's. 

    In 2007 I received my Level 1 certification from Kajira of BlackSheep BellyDance in American Tribal Style group improvisation and have studied it like crazy.  After completing my Level 2 with her she invited me to be a featured dancer on her instructional DVD's -- what an experience!

    In 2013 I traveled with Kajira throughout Europe  teaching and performing this fabulous format.  Since then I have traveled many places with and without Kajira, in and out of the country, spreading the joy of the BlackSheep BellyDance format.

       Currently I am the Assistant Director of the International dance troupe BlackSheep BellyDance and have added BlackSheep format certifications for Level 1, 2 and 3.  I also received certification in the S. I. G. I. L. format produced by Amy Sigil of Unmata.      I look forward to sharing the strength and balance that this format brings to everyone in my classroom."

Brandi began dancing in pom, jazz, and hip-hop at age 11, and continued dancing and competing through high school and college. She briefly coached college dance while instructing children at local dance studios, but it wasn't until after graduating as a physical therapist assistant that she was introduced to the world of belly dance. By happenstance, Brandi was working with an elderly patient at an assisted living facility, whose daughter (Therese Wyatt) invited Brandi to join her tribal improv class. She has been studying tribal improv and tribal fusion ever since! She loves embracing her dark side and recently began dancing with the Stygian Sisters (under stage name "Kasper") in Champaign, IL, while continuing to master her tribal improv skills in the Black Sheep Belly Dance format with Therese and the Daughters of the Dance!

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Shauna Bishop - Allegra.

Therese Wyatt